On Wednesday, 10th January 2024, the Presidenta Lokananta Marching Band equipment was handed over from Batch 18 to Batch 19. The handover was led by the Principle of SMA Presiden Boarding School Mr. Endang Hariyanto Rosidi, MA.

Congratulations to Majoret, Gitapati, and the entire Marching Band Presidenta Lokananta Batch 19 Team on your new duty. May God Almighty always guide you so that you can carry out your tasks well and smoothly.

To the Mayoret, Gitapati, and the entire Marching Band Presidenta Lokananta Batch 18 Team whose service period has expired, thank you for your devotion in carrying out your duties.

In conclusion, please always maintain unity and discipline. Remember to show achievement, dedication, and responsibility.

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